Friday, October 17, 2014

Echo Line Drawings by Unicia Buster

How to Do Echo Line Drawings
by Unicia Buster

Materials: Fountain pen, drawing paper

How to:
Start with a line, the ends of which go the edge of the paper. The line needs to be wavy, curly, zigzag or a combination. Straight lines will not give an interesting effect.

Echo this line by outlining as close to the original line without touching it. Do this on both sides.

Continue echoing the newly drawn lines until the paper is filled. Make sure to fill in any loops created.

Our lives are like these lines. We each have one beginning (birth) and one ending (death). But rarely are our paths in life straight. We experience times when things are hectic, or when we feel like we are going in circles or when it’s smooth sailing. Along the way, we interact with others whom we affect or we have an effect on. Sometimes people we meet have a negative effect, thereby creating a ripple in our own line. These drawings can be made elaborately or simple. Try adding shapes, color or multiple lines. Like in life, sometimes you have to see where the road takes you.



"Spoon Fed"

"Hold My Hand"

"Alone in a Sea of Curls"


"Love Song"

"Rhythm Waves"

"People Unite"


"Flower Garden"


For purchasing information, please email Prices range from $55 - $75, including frame. Sizes are 7.5" x 9.5" (drawing) and 15" x 12" frame. Price does not include shipping. Thank you.

You can download and print this instruction sheet.

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