Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Fabric Handmade Dolls - popular!

Since the dolls I made, thanks to, are so popular, I've decided to create my own pattern to make for selling. Not sure how I will do it but it will be a cross between a cabbage patch and a raggedy ann doll because I definitely like the facial details over the button eyes as well as the thickness over the thinness. We shall see.
Doll for Julia with real hair from her locs she cut off right before her chemotherapy treatment. I used fabric paint for the face and gave her a necklace. Makes a great legacy doll.
Third doll I made. I was a bit more lazy with the face this time, opting to buy stick-on eyes and drawing the lip with a fabric marker. I also got ribbon happy and decided to name her Unique. I also gave her "highlights." Currently, I'm working on her brother.

First doll I made in which I hand stitched (embroidered) her entire face. She has button decorations on her shirt and skirt. This doll was given to a cousin for Christmas who had just had a baby girl.

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