Thursday, October 17, 2013

Updates on Various Projects

A better picture of "Windy" by Unicia Buster

Update on the wedding quilt. The three layers are quilted - I quilted in the black areas only. I have the binding left to do.

This is an old project I found among some things in a bin. It was based on a poem I wrote. I'm taking it apart to do something a little different with it.

"Ajani" is coming along. I decided to stop doing the hair and to quilt the layers together. But first I have to finish the border. Unfortunately, as you can see, I need a bit more material for the top and bottom border. Also, I can't find the material I used to make the border squares. So I have to go buy more, eventually (funds are low). Once the border is done and the layers are quilted, then I will resume the hair pieces. I may hand stitch over the machine stitched part of the tattoo because I didn't know anything about darning foots and free motion quilting so it doesn't look neat. Anyway, long ways to go on this one.

Another old project I found. It was about the many beautiful colors of black women. All the photos used in this quilt are pictures that I took, some candid shots and a few set-up shots. In Photoshop I added a layer of transparent color to each photo before printing them out. On the border, I was hand stitching words that describe positive attributes. I was a bit overwhelmed by the hand stitching task so I stopped working on it. It's large but I want to finish it now and with everything I've learned since starting this piece, I think it will be that much more beautiful when it's complete.

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
One of the lambs has the circular pieces of fabric for hair. The other does not. Both will be painted on.

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
Doing a whip stitch or hem stitch  around all of the edges of the fabric (except the hair). 

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster. I pinned on all of the hair on the lady.

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
Hand stitched with a basting stitch on all of the circles. (That took quite a bit of time).

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
More hand stitching.

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
Almost done all of the hair.

Section of "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster.
Still working on the hair in this picture. I added a lot more browns and oranges to the hair. Didn't like all of the blues and greens that I had before (see a previous blog entry). I like the result. Will post more pictures later of the updates on this one.

Adrian's homework assignment. He had to make a compass rose. Isn't it lovely? He did a great job. I was so proud!

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Blast from the Past - Old Quilt Projects by Unicia Buster

The man featured in the center, Raymond H. Boone, 
passed on June 3, 2014.
A quilt I did in celebration of the Richmond Free Press' 11th Year Anniversary. It was donated to the editor, Raymond Boone. It was framed and is hanging in the lobby of their offices. In this piece, I was just learning how to make the printable fabrics work for me and incorporating them into the design instead of as an applique.

My first commissioned piece was done for Sandra Sellars. It was a portrait quilt that incorporated six patchwork patterns and four photographs.

I found a fun pattern in a quilting magazine for a tote bag. I liked it so much, I made about 12 of them and gave them away for Christmas gifts.

My initial drawing/sketch for "Field of Afros".