Thursday, January 23, 2014

Update on "Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster

"Wolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster 2014
Textile art, Hand and machine stitched 100% cotton, SOLD

"Wolly Afro" by Unicia Buster 2011
Textile art, Hand and machine stitched 100% cotton, SOLD

This is "Woolly Afro II" from start to finish:

I looked for my models (from the internet of course).

Another fabulous Google find.
This model was from real life - my good friend Shanaye willingly posed for me :).

I selected my color palette.
I made the pattern and cut it out of the fabric.

Pinned to background fabric to prepare for hand applique.

Stitched the face prematurely but I couldn't wait to see how it would look.

Let the stitching begin!

Trying out the circles for hair. Didn't particularly care for the colors chosen so I auditioned other colors and also made the hair fuller (below).

Much better hair.

Cut out all the hair for the lamb.

A lot of stitching to do.

You can see my handy-work close-up.

Still a long ways to go but progress is made.

It's coming along, thankfully.

Lot was done. Border is on, sheep was added on. I added painted details to faces with fabric paint and a few abstract flowers. All of the applique is done and the quilt sandwich was put together using free-motion quilting on the sewing machine.

Close-up of lamb.

Detail of some of the free-motion quilting on background.

Some pictures taken in direct sunlight. You can see the free-motion quilting better. The binding is on at this point.

Detail of quilting.

Detail of quilting.

Detail of quilting.

Detail of quilting.

I thought I was done until I showed it to my mom and a friend. They offered some suggestions to make the sheep look better, especially the pointed hump she got going on.

I fixed the hump and added detail to her face.

Added my signature to lady's arm and a bit more stitches to the wool on the lamb.

"Woolly Afro II" by Unicia Buster
Finally, all finished. Started in July 2013. Finished in January 2014. This was a really fun project and I plan to do more. None of my quilts before this used free-motion quilting (a technique I learned at a workshop back in November). I also learned how to properly bind a quilt using YouTube. This one is definitely far better than "Woolly Afro" which I did January 2011. Expecting even greater things in the year ahead.

I made this from a pattern I saw on

I gave her to my little cousin (who's not so little anymore - she and her husband just had her first child). She saw it and loved it so much, I knew my first hand made doll (yes, I did it all by hand, no machine) would be in a very happy home. In my version, I stitched the entire face and I braided the hair and stitched it down.