Wednesday, January 21, 2015

"Who Are You?" by Unicia Buster - A New Echo Line Drawing (incomplete)

January 21, 2015 "Who Are You?" by Unicia Buster

This is my latest Echo Line Drawing. I feel like I'm still finding my way with these drawings and that I need to push them even further. I'm not quite sure how yet. I can see my earlier influences on my art. When I was young, I used to study anatomy drawings and artwork by MC Escher ( and Dennis Winston ( I also used to draw a lot of line and shape drawings, what people are calling "Zentangle" ( I was doing these in the early 1990s. I'll post a few from my earlier sketchbooks. At any rate, those earlier influences are coming through my art now but still continue with my love of texture and design. I also see that I need to work on developing my shading and portraiture. But I believe practice makes perfect so I will continue drawing (as well as complete this one). MORE TO COME!

My early influences:

Artwork by Dennis Winston, woodcut print

Zentangle art from, but before it was called zentangle of course.

"Sky and Water I" 1938 woodcut by MC Escher