Tuesday, February 7, 2012

"Grandmother's Pearls of Wisdom" by Unicia Buster

I did this piece for my aunt, Juanita Buster, and entered it into an exhibition at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia titled "Pearls of Wisdom". It was initially called "Grandmother's Flowers." The lady on the pot is my grandmother, Mary Alice Buster. The center sunflower is an image of her five children by birth. In the centers of the remaining four flowers are the children, grandchildren and husband of four of her children. It's a play on the family tree theme. Stitched at the top and bottom are three quotes that my grandmother often said. And Mama used to say is what's printed on her shirt. Imitation pearls are stitched throughout. Enjoy.

"Cockatoo Mohawk" by Unicia Buster (Update)

This piece is still a work in progress. I have added some details since the last post of this wall hanging. I used fabric paint on the face and neck as well as satin stitching. I haven't worked on this piece in a while. The next phase will be to add beading and finish the applique. Then I will do a border and sandwich the quilt with batting and a back. I should be finish in about a year. :-)