Monday, September 30, 2013

Beginner's Quilting Class at Quilting Adventures in RVA

I had a fabulous workshop on Saturday with teacher Laura at Quilting Adventures. I learned how to machine quilt with a darning foot and a walking foot. Two things I'd never done before. It was great and it will make my projects not only easier but better. The unfortunate part of it is taking out tons of stitching on the wedding signature quilt in order to do the quilting part over. However, it was worth it because it looks ten times better and the quilt lays flatter. I look back at my other wall hangings now with disappointment. I want them to be better as well. So I have to decide if I want to take them apart and fix them or do another set. One problem with taking them apart is that I don't own three of them. So they would be left out. And the quilt that's in the city library is just an embarrassment to look at. I remember working so hard on it, but in 1999, I didn't know a thing about quilting - at least compared to now. I definitely want to take that one apart and redo it. But I won't. I will at least repair it. But I will do another family heirloom quilt and it will include new additions to our family - like my son for one. That will be a doosy because it will probably end up as big as the first one (eight by eleven feet). Fortunately, we've only lost one member of our family in the last fourteen years (knock on wood). So stay tuned...

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