Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Cockatoo Mohawk" by Unicia Buster

This piece was originally this size. I created it using the strip quilting technique using a canvas backing (instead of paper) because I wanted it to be stiff. However, the design to be appliquéd just didn't seem to fit so I doubled it in height.

Now my design fits. The size of the panel is approximately 36"sq. This is far from how it looks now. I have appliquéd on the design and I painted in shadows on the lady with fabric paint. However, in this photo, everything is fabric (no paint yet).

The design comes from my series on natural hairstyles and nature. The cockatoo was a perfect match-up for the mohawk hairstyle. I've decided to complete the texture of the hair and feathers using beads. It will probably take me forever but it will get done.

More pictures to come.